Our Superb Windshield Repair Services And Prices


Windshield Cracks Repair
Stone Chip Repair:
Chip is under the size of a quarter
$75 Time 30 minutes

Large Stone Chip:
A large chip from the size of a quarter to a half dollar coin. 
Time 40 minutes

Additional Chip:
Each additional chip done on the same visit as the 1st repair
$25  Time 20 minutes

An effective Windshield repair restores the structural strength of the stone damaged area. It isn’t completely invisible and each customer sees and understands differently. Some say I still see it a little. Others say it’s almost gone. Both are right. At our specialty shop, we guarantee an effective repair and we minimize the blemish.

Your windshield functions as very important safety equipment. Even a bullet proof windshield can be chipped by a rock. Timely and proper maintenance prolongs the lifetime and beauty of your windshield.

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