The Story Behind Superb Windshield Repair

Le-Bron Blanton founded Superb Windshield Repair in 2004 as the first windshield repair specialty shop in Metro-Atlanta. He is the owner and their master windshield repair craftsman. It hasn’t been easy; but, Le-Bron proves that excellence can be established even in windshield repair.

Le-Bron used his many years of professional auditing and other business experience to examine the entire windshield repair industry. His findings weren’t impressive. Therefore, he decided to develop and implement improvements via Superb Windshield Repair, LLC. This is why this Company is so wonderfully different.

“We repair windshields uncommonly well” is a fitting slogan for this exceptional company. That’s why customers and followers rave about Superb Windshield Repair in published reviews and by word of mouth. All of our reviews are about windshield repair specialty work, not other services. We are so thankful that our retail customers have made us the most trusted windshield repair company on Google Maps.

Superb Windshield Repair don’t solicit windshield chip repair business at car washes, gas stations, shopping centers nor car dealerships. However, referrals come from many sources due to our strong performance record.

An ideal windshield repair customer is any auto owner who promptly looks for a proven windshield repair craftsman when stone damage occurs. Our customers seek to repair the initial damage instead of waiting to see if it gets worse.

Superb Windshield Repair shop in Atlanta is located within the Cobb Galleria Office Park. The storefront stands within building 300 underground parking deck at level G. Working in this climate controlled shop helps us to deliver the best possible windshield repairs.

Superb Windshield Repair remains the only windshield repair specialty shop serving Metro-Atlanta. Other shops can grow out of this one when supporting customer demand is present.