The Story Behind Superb Windshield Repair

Le-Bron Blanton founded Superb Windshield Repair in 2004 as the exclusive windshield repair specialty shop at the Atlanta Cobb Galleria Office Park. He is the owner and master windshield repair craftsman.

Le-Bron used his many years of professional auditing and other business experiences to examine the entire windshield repair industry. His findings concerning the mobile windshield repair industry weren’t impressive. Therefore, he developed and implemented improvements through Superb Windshield Repair, LLC. This Company remains the only specialized windshield repair shop in Metro-Atlanta. The mobile guys rather chase after insurance business than to wait at a shop for quality minded retail customers.

“We repair windshields uncommonly well” is a fitting slogan for Le-Bron’s exceptional company.

Thousands of customers and followers rave about Superb Windshield Repair through their published reviews and by word of mouth. Each review is about professional windshield repair service and quality.

Superb Windshield Repair doesn’t solicit business at car washes, gas stations, shopping centers nor car dealerships. Even wholesale insurance company business is avoided. Our track record draws proactive retail consumers to our windshield repair specialty shop. Independence is absolutely needed to render the best possible service, value and quality.

Our ideal retail customers diligently search for a proven windshield repair company. They demand and appreciate our professional service and windshield repair craftsmanship. Our foundation is stronger because we draw proactive retail customers to our shop.

Despite its small size, Superb Windshield Repair has become the standard within the local windshield repair industry. Unlike the big companies, the owner’s well experienced hands touch each job


Superb Windshield Repair shop in Atlanta is located within the Cobb Galleria Office Park. Our storefront stands within building 300 underground parking garage at level G. Use Waze to search by our name, Superb Windshield Repair. When Waze says you are here, keep straight into parking garage level G. Our separate shop is on your left. Call (770)356-8700 for help.

Superb Windshield Repair remains the only windshield repair specialty shop serving Metro-Atlanta. A mobile service vehicle can never be a professional windshield repair shop like only Le-Bron has built for you.