What is windshield repair?
Windshield repair is the process that uses a clear adhesive resin and ultraviolet light to fix a windshield ding, chip or crack. If properly done, the full strength and most of the clarity of the damaged area is restored.
Do you come to me or will I need to come to you?
Superb Windshield Repair works within its climate controlled shop for managed results.
Will you bill my insurance company?
We don’t recommend windshield repair claims. We see no evidence that insurers care about windshield repair quality. In Georgia, your future premiums may increase.
What does will my windshield repair cost?
Superb Windshield Repair pricing starts at $75 which covers an average chip. Click on our “price’ link to see full pricing details.
How much can you repair without replacing it?
Most companies limit a chip to under the size of a quarter and crack repair to six inches. Some don’t offer windshield repair. Full service auto glass companies favor windshield replacement over windshield repair. A true windshield repair specialist can fix a chip up to the size of a half dollar coin or single crack up to twelve inches long.
Will my windshield damage grow?
Every windshield chip or crack eventually gets worse if it’s not repaired. Don’t wait too late. A prompt and effective windshield repair totally eliminates this problem.
Can you recommend a windshield repair company that’s closer to me?
Superb Windshield Repair is the only true windshield repair specialty shop in Metro-Atlanta. Hiring the company just because it’s the closest to you is a big mistake. We have a compatible and comfortable windshield repair shop at the Cobb Galleria.
How long does a windshield repair last?
Windshield repair should be permanent. If a company states otherwise, find a different one that truly knows effective windshield repair craftsmanship.